Soft and hard adjustment method of motorcycle front shock absorber


When the owner rides a motorcycle, it is inevitable that there will be potholed roads. At this time, avoid too bumpy situations. Therefore, when the motorcycle leaves the factory, it will be equipped with shock absorbers. If the front shock absorber of the motorcycle is too soft and hard, there will be Many drawbacks appear, so they need to be adjusted. So what is the soft and hard adjustment method of the front shock absorber of the motorcycle?

1. If the owner wants to adjust the front shock absorber of the motorcycle, he must first find the specific position of the front shock absorber, that is, at the front wheel, the shock absorber is the part that connects the frame and the front wheel.

2. After that, you need to disassemble the front shock absorber. When you disassemble it, you can spray some clean water on it to clean it. When you adjust it later, it will be more convenient.

3. When adjusting, you need to find a hexagonal nut, insert it directly into the adjusting hole, and then turn it counterclockwise. When you hear a click, it means that the front shock absorber has been adjusted.

4. Counterclockwise is to adjust the shock absorber softer. If you want to adjust it harder, you can turn it clockwise.

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