What is the working principle of motorcycle shock absorption?


Using the principle of spring, the specific reasons are as follows:

The principle of work:

When the wheel falls over the raised ground, the cylinder will also move down, and the piston will move upward relative to the cylinder. When the piston moves upward, the oil rushes open the valve at the bottom and flows to the inner cylinder. At the same time, the oil on the upper side of the inner cylinder piston flows to the lower side through the small hole on the piston valve. At this time, when the oil flows through the small hole, it will receive a lot of resistance, which produces a better damping effect and serves the purpose of shock absorption.

Hanging function:

Like a car, the main function of the suspension of a motorcycle is to absorb the vibration of the body caused by uneven ground, making the entire ride more comfortable; at the same time, maintaining the contact between the tires and the ground to ensure the power output of the tires to the ground.

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