Maintenance and Adjustment of Motorcycle Shock Absorber


The quality of motorcycle shock absorbers directly affects the comfort and safety of driving, so motorcycle shock absorbers should be maintained frequently. This kind of maintenance has a great influence on the performance and driving safety of the motorcycle.

Regularly check the motorcycle shock absorber to see if the shock absorber bolts are loose, whether the left and right inner fork tubes are fixed at the same height, and whether the front and rear parts are deformed during a collision. If any problems are found, adjust and replace them in time. Be sure to do a good job of cleaning the shock absorber, keep the inner tube of the fork clean, remove the dust cover regularly to remove the dust, and keep the inner tube of the fork clean is very important to extend the service life of the shock absorber.

During driving, if you find that the body is unstable, the vibration is large, the shock absorber has obvious impact sound and obvious up and down bounce, it means that the shock absorber is too soft. If the vibration frequency is high and there is a feeling of bouncing up and down, it means that the shock absorber is too hard. If the front is soft, the front of the car will feel fluttering, and if the back is soft, it will feel falling. It is necessary to check whether the shock absorber spring has been used for too long, resulting in deformation, shortened length, insufficient decompression oil or low viscosity, piston inner plug, etc. The connecting rod and piston ring are severely worn, resulting in insufficient air pressure in the shock absorber, making the shock absorber unable to work normally.

If the shock absorber is too hard, it is generally caused by excessive oil and viscosity, deformation of parts, and blockage of the oil circuit. During maintenance, check whether the oil quantity and viscosity meet the requirements. Soft and hard can be done by adjusting the tightness of the spring. Pay attention to ensure that the height of the spring seats on the left and right sides is the same to ensure the balance of the motorcycle.

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